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Whether it be demographic modeling, the implantation of sociology or plain common sense advice in the planning implementation of concepts in a niche market sector. With 20 years international experience we rationalize the operation to meet current technological, socioeconomic, financial, environmental challenges.

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JJ’s Philosophy

Over the years it came evident to the founder of jjdesign many business had the skills in one or two areas though did poorly in the other. For an entity to obtain these skills while maintaining an overview of the whole business is next to impossible. The proprietor may know all about their product, though lack the staff or resources to implement the desired best out come.

We at jj..design.. that outcome through strategic alliances with our partners for the sole purpose of providing confidential sounding board to map out and guide from start to finish your design on your ideas. The founder through countless years of experience saw this potential for broad based consulting to be utmost imperative with in the bottom line.

  • Construction

    We act as advocates for our clients, performing due diligence in the pre-construction phase, minimizing risks for our clients and starting projects off on their best footing.

  • General

    When overseeing the bidding process and executing the project it is our role to drive value, both in terms of our initial bid and by controlling the project to minimize change orders.

  • Program

    From project accounting to overseeing the team, from maintaining schedules to bidding to outside vendors, we offer our industry knowledge and relationships to the client, thereby controlling costs.

  • Design and

    Design and build is all about working with efficiencies created within the design phase, thereby minimizing on-site labor and executing seamlessly while controlling costs.

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JJdesign lead by our own in house projects that vary year to year in sectors where identified business partners projects are carefully chosen and nurtured to their full potential. Investments in people’s concepts vary from theme projects in residential development to commercial industrial subdivisions.

We identify potential, nurture in a partnership manner that sees us win when you win. Two third of our business is internally generated with our great team. Thus we as a team discuss, consider our future endeavors very selectively.

“Simply put, You may identify with us or we may with you because working together we can achieve more goals for the best possible out come.”

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Inspiriert von dem einzigartigen Traumblick nach Bayern, sowie der Architektonischen Historie Passaus, werden hier 3 Luxusappartements präsentiert. Die Residenz vereint alten und modernen Lebensstil ohne auf die luxuriösen Angenehmlichkeiten zu verzichten.

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Town Center One at Dadeland

Part of a 5.5-acre development including commercial, retail and residential space, Town Center One is a state-of-the-art 24-story office tower.

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